Eyelash Class Training & Certification

Aykari Aesthetics, a leading name in the beauty industry, is thrilled to offer specialized one-on-one eyelash extension training classes tailored for those aspiring to become certified eyelash technician. Over the span of an intensive two-day class, participants will be guided by experts who are not only seasoned in their craft but are also certified eyelash technicians themselves. This training is meticulously designed to provide hands-on experience, blending theoretical knowledge with practical skills, ensuring that every trainee emerges as a proficient eyelash artist ready to make their mark. Those who successfully complete the class will be awarded a certification, underlining their expertise and paving the way for countless opportunities in the world of eyelash artistry.

To enroll in this class, you must hold a valid cosmetology or esthetician license.

Classes Offered

  • Classic Eyelash Extension Certification
  • Volume/Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Certification
  • Private Coaching for Certified Lash Artists

What’s Included

  • Class Manual
  • Lash Extension Kit ($500+ Value)
  • One-on-One with Instructor
  • Certification Upon Passed Completion
  • Lunch Each Day

Class Fee

  • $2000 ($500 Deposit Required Upfront)
  • $750 for failed exams for a redo session of all 3 graded procedures.

Example Schedule for In-Person Training

Day 1

  • Alongside your instructor, you will review the class manual. We will provide you a digital copy as well as a copy to take.
  • We will go over your kit with you.
  • You will be practicing lash placement on the mannequin included in your kit.
  • Lunch break.
  • After lunch, you will continue practicing lash placement on the mannequin.
  • You will prep for next day’s live model. You must bring a model subject with you. Maybe a friend who wants some eyelash extensions!
  • Graded station setup and sanitation procedures.
  • We recommend practicing lash application on your mannequin at home prior to your test.

Day 2

  • Refresh your learned skills on the mannequin.
  • Lunch break.
  • Discuss some business basics; pricing and marketing your eyelash extension business.
  • Your live subject needs to arrive, meet lash client requirements and sign a waiver and medical history form prior to eyelash application.
  • Testing and grading begin. You are required to achieve a score of 85 or higher. You will be graded on your station set-up, sanitation procedure, graded live model eyelash application and your written exam.
  • We take this service very seriously as you are working with a sensitive part of the body and proper application and sanitation are a must!
  • If you do not pass the examinations, you will need to schedule another day to attend a redo session of all 3 graded procedures. A re-do fee of $750 is required prior to scheduling.